My #FIRST Internship


Nic agreed to take me on at VIAJIYU despite having zero formal work experience. I wanted to learn and VIAJIYU was willing to invest in me.

After two years of working with VIAJIYU in their original Sydney office, then remotely in London, I was invited to the Florence HQ.

My friend from Sydney, Lia, and I worked as a team. We wanted to improve our filmmaking skills. We created a project where we filmed mini-interviews with students working at VIAJIYU.

The most important thing I learned was to take every day as it comes. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, perfection is overrated. Practice your craft and improve every day.

This Florence internship was my #FIRST overseas work experience, and my #FIRST time living away from home in a foreign country. It was also the #FIRST time living with mates.

VIAJIYU gave me more than work experience. It was a life experience with incredible memories.

A day at VIAJIYU was more than work. We made the most of our month in Florence every day.

We crossed the Ponte Amerigo Vespucci every morning and popped by The Corner for coffee and biscotti (on the house!). At lunch, we ate on one of Florence’s AMAZING bridges. We never missed an afternoon gelato run.

I'll never forget my days in Florence.

Words by Hannah Lising-White, Spring 2016 #VYT