My #FIRST Shoe Factory

Katherine Andrick is a third year fashion fashion design student at Kent State University.

Her dream is to design children’s clothing.

She discovered VIAJIYU, thanks to her professor at Kent State. 

Her brief: Create new D’Orsay + Mule Flats for #VIAJIYU.

Here's what Katherine had to say about her #FIRST trip to a shoe factory...

N: What surprised you the most about the #FLATS factory?
K: The amount of materials kept there. I’ve never seen so much leather in my life. It was a beautiful sight! 

N: What did you #LOVE about your #FIRST shoe factory day trip?
I enjoyed getting to see the process of how the shoes are made.  I’ve been to leather trade shows with my school and have seen the products and machines used to make shoes.  It was even cooler to see those machines in use, and see the process of making shoes happen right in front of me.  

N: How will your #FIRST trip to an Italian shoe factory influence your future designs?
K: I think it is so impactful for me to see behind-the-scenes in fashion, instead of just the final result.  I have always loved the actual creation of clothing and fashion the most, and being able to experience that with shoes really made this experience impactful.  With a better understanding of the creation process, I can then design more efficiently.  

N: What did you learn from designing shoes for VIAJIYU?
K: I learned all about the different formas and lasts. Essentially, the different pieces that go into creating a shoe.  I learned that the shoemakers + experts are often right, and that a lot of time goes into deciding what to put into production next.  

N: What’s your favorite shoe at #VIAJIYU?
K: Parma + Ravenna + Reggio - the newest loafers.

N: What makes you a #TRAILBLAZER?
K: My drive to always keep going, chase my dreams and never say no to an opportunity.  I love trying new things and having new experiences. It is a huge part of life in my opinion, otherwise, are you really living?  

Words by Katherine Andrick, Spring 2017 #VYT
Interview by Nicole Still