My #FIRST Photo Exhibit


Prisca Tozzi, is a third year new media design, photography + film student at L'Accademia Italiana di Firenze.  She graduates 19 May 2017.

Her dream is to create documentary films some day.

#VIAJIYU’s founder met her at Le Petite,  a local restaurant where she worked, in Summer 2015.

Prisca has many superpowers. Her star power: She’s an official drone pilot. She studied + passed the Italian license exam, one of the hardest in the world. Now, she’s flown her drone on three continents: Africa, Europe + North America collecting amazing video footage.

Watch her VIAJIYU films here: #WE FOLLOW THE ARNO + #VIAJIYU + #SOCAL.

We were so proud to attend Prisca’s #FIRST photo exhibit of her young career.

Here’s what she had to say about her #FIRST exhibit + her work...

N: Who or what inspired the idea?
My grandfather gave me the drone right before he passed away one year ago. I created the drone project to honor him. I dedicated the exhibit to my grandfather. It was important that I create something new + different.

N: Where did you exhibit?
P: °Le Murate - Caffè Letterario | Piazza delle Murate Firenze, Florence, Italy

N: What did you learn at VIAJIYU?
P: I thought about this question for one week. I learned how to be powerful, successful + #KIND at the same time.  I learned you can be strong, yet always be #KIND to the people you work with + live with, no matter what.

N: What was your best experience at VIAJIYU?
P: Going to California to film with the drone. I also #LOVE goiing anywhere with Sam to film with the drone, especially the factories. I also #LOVE to chat in the car with Nic when we drive to the factories.  

N: What’s your favorite shoe at #VIAJIYU?
P: I prefer rounded shoes. My favorite styles are the #Roma + #Portofino. I'm also from Rome.

N: What makes you a #TRAILBLAZER?
P: I know what I #LOVE. I want my passion for photography + video to be my life's work. If you do what you love, you’ll never work one day.


Words by Prisca Tozzi, Summer 2016 - Spring 2017 #VYT
Interview by Nicole Still