WHY WORK MATTERS - #VYT VOL. 1 01 | 123 | 2017

Trisha Pheh: To me, being a VYT means constantly bettering myself and learning new things. Since I’ve started as a VYT, I’ve learned that I am fully capable of handling anything on my own. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone as I’ve allowed myself to become more independent instead of relying on other people to get things done. Now I feel like I can do anything and it’s because of how VIAJIYU has given me a strong platform to grow as an individual and realize my full potential. I’m forever grateful.

Henry Udoro: I am so thankful for the opportunities Nicole and VIAJIYU have given me that helped me grow as person. During my time as a VYT, I’ve become much smarter as well as gained essential knowledge to pursue my dream to go to the Leather School of Florence. I have also become much more organized, thanks to this internship. It is a privilege for me to a VYT!