My #FIRST Big City


WHO: Lily Beck - Kind. Grateful. Imaginative. 

FROM: Cincinnati, OH

SUPERPOWER: My friends would say I am a #CREATOR. *ah I hate these questions, talking about myself is so hard!* I think it was passed down from my mom and grandmother - they are both creators and visionaries. My mom is an interior designer who refurbishes furniture and I was struck with the creative gene. I love color and all things visual. 

INSPIRATION: I take inspiration from #EVERYTHING. From the people I see and meet whether in passing or a longtime friend, I gather inspiration from my watchful eye. There isn't a particular experience that jumps to mind but being in a huge city like Florence and being exposed to new things heightens my awareness and senses to creation. 

QUOTE: I have two quotes:

1)"Find one good thing in each person and end the night with a glass of wine." Said my Ghee (grandmother) to my 14year-old-self

2) "When you rest, you rust." Oscar de la Renta (one of my personal #HEROS) 

DREAM JOB: This is #EASY! I have been swooning the day I become the Creative Director of Oscar de la Renta - he was the reason I fell so in #LOVE with the chaotic world of fashion. Working at #VIAJIYU is a stepping stone to this dream. 

FIRST: I could do #FIRST internship, #FIRST gelato, #FIRST study abroad, #FIRST Paris trip and many more but the one that jumps to the front of mind is my #FIRST city-living experience. Growing up in the small town of West Chester, OH I have been dreaming of the day I break out of my shell and leap into a large city. Living in Florence, IT has shown me that city-life is the life for me! The city is #EVERYTHING I love, I love interacting with so many different people daily, the food scene is amazing, and the shopping is fabulous. When I venture back home to Ohio, I am going to hold tight to these Florence experiences and live everyday to the fullest possible. Ciao!