What's your super power?

Graphic Design


Help VIAJIYU create + make stuff. We're a skinny start-up with lots to do. Postcards. Packaging. TV + iPad screens in-store. We have hundreds of surfaces to doodle, graffiti and paint. And, if you are an aspiring Hemingway, we always have room for a wordsmith.


  • An aspiring Creative Cloud and/or Squarespace Jedi.
  • You #LOVE a blank page.
  • You want to co-create the identity of a new brand.
  • You are obsessed with typography or [insert yours].
  • You want to create your own blog, business or media channel some day.

Aspiring Entrepreneur
Problem Solver


Help VIAJIYU make stuff better. We're a skinny start-up with lots to do. We don't care what you study or your experience, if you just get stuff done. Product development. Data analysis. Customer experience. We have hundreds of projects to tinker, grow or start again. If you #LOVE to lead teams with #KINDNESS and imagination, we want you.


  • A workhorse with a "no task is too small" attitude.
  • Energetic, kind, sincere, patient, and adaptable.
  • Smart and organized to the point of neuroticism.
  • Eager to learn every single day.
  • Positive, positive, positive.
  • Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Generally awesome. 

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